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Speakers & Tours

Want a Library Tour?

We're proud of our collections and services and look forward to showing them to you. You and your group can take a general tour, or we can tailor it specifically to your needs – for example, for students, the business community, ESL learners, newcomers to Canada, or people with disabilities.

Book a Library Tour

Book a Class Visit

Are you a teacher, home school parent or child care provider? You can book a visit to the library to learn more about our collections and services. Or, we can visit you in your classroom.

Need a Guest Speaker?

Kitchener Public Library has professional staff knowledgeable on a number of subjects in support of our library collections. Our librarians can speak to your group or organization about the library in general, or staff can attend your community event to provide information about library services.

To learn more, please contact Dale Dyce. 

Phone: 519-743-0271 x276